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This tank has been running for the last 14 years .Nothing particular . As bottom substrate I have been using plain river sand .I have noticed fine shell fragments in the sand . Maybe they are from fresh-water oisters or so . I think these shell fragments have been helping the buffer capacity of the water .The temperature of the water is maintained at 30 degr.C , or 86 degr. F . Even at that temperature the Valisneria is growing beautifully . Underneath the main tank I have the biological filter of the same size as the tank , but only half as high . As bacteria carrier I have been using pea-size gravel . Nothing fancy ,but it is working . The filter is cleaned once in so many years . It is working so good that waterchanges are done only once every 14 days . This only to get rid of possible nitrate which is left over after the plants have done their job . The lights over the tank are three 40 watt fluorescent daylight tubes . Try it also , it will work with a little effort .

Other information on this Discus hobby can be found on
http://pub3.ezboard.com/bdiscus or http://aquaworldnet.net/wfdiscus/ or http://www.dphnet.com/discus-sion/

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